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Tips for Selling in Today’s Market


The Bay Area real estate market today is volatile and fast changing. In most price points we have seen a shift to a strong seller’s market. While this is certainly good news for sellers, this market, like any market, has its challenges. Multiple offers, over bids, modified contingencies, and other factors make it essential that you have a clear, concise strategy to get the highest possible price.

On the surface it might seem like it is easy to sell in this market. But there are a myriad of issues that arise that are potential pitfalls for any seller. How your agent handles the selling process has enormous implications on the bottom line price your receive.

Multiple Offers Can Lead to Multiple Complications

There are many unique factors that sellers must consider in a over-heated seller’s market, including:

  • What is a reasonable expected range for the final selling price of the property?

  • Are you better off intentionally under-pricing the property to spur an auction environment?

  • Or, would it be better to price it above your expected range of value and see what the market will bear?

  • Should you do inspections ahead of time, or let the buyer do them?

  • What are the issues that may arise from the appraisal by the buyer’s lender?

  • If you do get multiple offers, should you counter one, counter all, or respond in another manner?

  • What is the best way to deal with inspection issues that may arise?

  • Should the property be staged, even though the market is hot?

  • Should you set a date and time in the future to review offers, or should you respond as they come in?

No Substitute for Experience

With these critical factors facing sellers in today’s market, there is no substitute for experience. I have the qualifications, experience, and skills to navigate this shifting market and position you to get the highest possible price. I have powerful, unmatched marketing tools, both online and traditional, to market your home to qualified buyers. And I am an experienced and skilled negotiator, giving you the edge you need to win in this market.


In short, with me, you will have every advantage in the market to maximize your selling price.

Contact me today to get the process started!

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