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Home Selling With Me

Putting a home up for sale in the real estate market can be a complex, high-stress, and time-consuming endeavor. The process involves knowing what improvements to make to get the best return, hiring and overseeing the vendors, staging the home to present the right image and style, correctly pricing the home to attract buyers, marketing the home, negotiating the offers, and going through escrow.

To ease the seller’s burden, I shifted much of the work relating to home improvement, marketing, negotiation, and escrow onto my trusted vendors. I have a team of trusted vendors and specialists (e.g. stagers, licensed contractors, handyman, and marketing manager) dedicated exclusively to assisting homeowners through the home-selling process. 

Exceptional Services For Sellers

I am committed to providing exceptional service to my clients.


I invest time, energy, and money in all my clients. Below are the exceptional services I offer to each of my sellers.

If you have a moment, please take a look at my Exceptional Services For Sellers, which details our list of services for buyers. Please click on the links to learn more about each of our services.

- Pre-Listing Preparation with Vendors

- I pay for you roof inspection

- Marketing

- Broker Tours/Open Houses

Exceptional Services for Sellers

Enhanced market knowledge

Pre-Listing Preparation with Vendors

Interior design consultation & staging

My stager will visit your home, make suggestions regarding potential improvements, suggest furniture placement, and add details that can enhance the home’s value. 

Advantageous pricing from my preferred vendors

My vendors are familiar with the type of work necessary to bring a home to market in the most cost effective way. 

I will work with vendors to prepare your home

I understand that your time is very valuable. If you desire, I will work directly with vendors to prepare your house, which includes scheduling start and end dates for the project, overseeing the work, and ensuring the work is appropriately performed. 

I pay for your roof inspection

I will pay for your roof inspection.  I will not be reimbursed at closing – this is one of my free services that can save you money.

Detaied negotiation and deal advice


Professional, high-end photography

All my homes are photographed by a professional photographer that specializes in residential photography. The photographers I use are far more experienced than the other options on the market. Based on my experience, the quality of the photography has a profound impact on the quality of the professional brochures and ads that I run for each home. 

Professional quality videos

With the popularity of social media and video distribution sites, over 90% of homebuyers include the internet in their search process. To get maximum exposure and engage potential buyers emotionally, I utilize a professional videographer, not just the more traditional virtual tours employed by other realtors, but also to create videos that are more realistic and more appealing than still photos. 

Full-color, multi-page listing brochures

All clients receive full-color, professionally-designed and printed, multi- page brochures. The number of pages within the brochure will vary based on the anticipated sales price of the house:

All brochures will include multiple photos, captions, and a comprehensive Features List. 

Online Marketing

In addition to all of the free online marketing utilized, I also use paid Facebook and Google ads to bring even more attention to your property.

Advertisements in prominent local newspapers

Your property will be featured on local newspaper ads.

Persuasive offer
Excellent Understanding of the contract

Broker Tour/Open Houses

Broker Tour

My Broker Tours, which always include great catered breakfasts and lunches, as well as a coffee cart, are always popular and able to attract many brokers and real estate agents. Brokers and real estate agents know not to miss my properties when out on tour.

Open Houses

In the first weekend, I have extended-hour open houses, snacks, and coffee/cappuccino cart. I find that a large attendance I get at my open houses creates a level of excitement and often contributed to the high number of offers that come in. Subconsciously, busy open houses make potential buyers feel like the home is more desirable. 


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