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Hiring an agent to help with your search for a rental apartment may be a big-city phenomenon. I help renters find suitable accommodations just as I help buyers find houses. More importantly, I can make the search process a lot easier.

The best deals change daily, and market trends can be highly localized to specific neighborhoods or even streets within the same city. Every case still requires a scheduled physical inspection of the premises. Agents can relieve you from a lot of legwork. I bring other benefits to the search. I do my best to develop a personal relationship with a particular landlord or real estate agent that has listed the rental property, and as such, I may learn about upcoming availabilities before they are officially listed.

Good deals are hard to find for people who spend a few weekends a year looking for an apartment or house. I am in the trenches every day, all year long, previewing properties both for sale and for rent. I know who’s willing to negotiate not just on the rent, but on other lease terms such as the security deposit.

Some landlords prefer to deal with agents or only tenants who come through an agent. That way, the landlord doesn’t have to do as much of the paperwork or screening. With vacancies falling practically everywhere, competition is fierce for decent places, especially here in the Bay Area, so it helps to have professional representation.

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